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Machine Offers


We are pleased to offer for the following CNC Machine Tools from China. All the details along with FOB Price in US $ is attached for your review.

Kindly contact us for any of your fresh or future requirements.

You can visit our website for more CNC Machine Tools from Taiwan China & Japanese origin.

1-     JSTOMI           CNC Lathe Model CF-36 

(i)-  Model CF-36                       CNC Control GSK                   US$ 16,950 FOB

(ii)- Model CF-36                       CNC Control SYTEC               US$ 17,750 FOB

Jstomi Machines Offer        (PDF FILE)


2-     WANNAN        CNC Vertical Machining Center Model V-5, VMC-500L, VMC-600

(i)-   MODEL-V5                        CNC Control FANUC               US$ 33,350 FOB

(ii)-  MODEL-VMC500L           CNC Control FANUC               US$ 25,875 FOB

(iii)- MODEL-VMC610             CNC Control SIEMENS           US$ 25,300 FOB

Wannan Machines Offer    (PDF FILE)


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