Capacity Item Specification
 Main spindle Max. collect bar material diameter ¢3~¢20 mm
Sub spindle Max. collect bar material diameter ¢20 mm
Sub max. drilling diameter ¢7 mm
Max. machining work-piece length 210 mm
Main spindle max. drilling diameter ¢10
Sub spindle max. drilling diameter No
Main spindle max. tapping diameter M8x1.25P
Sub spindle max. tapping diameter M6x1.0P
Main spindle max. drilling length 50 mm
Side milling unit drilling diameter ¢7 mm
Spindle Spindle max. speed 8,000 rpm
Sub spindle max. speed 6000 rpm
Main spindle indexing angle 0.001°for C1 axis
Sub spindle indexing angle 0.001°for C2 axis
Through bar diameter for main spindle 21 mm
Optional NC system SYNTEC/LNC 200TB/T568
Controlled/operation at the same time 8/4
Min. setting unit 0.001mm
Travel speed for X1 axis 24 m/min
Travel speed for Y1/Z1/X2 axis 32 m/min
Storage capacity 1 GB
LCD 8.4’’
Option tools Number of total tools 9 tools (口12x12x150)
Side milling rotate tools 4xER16 tools
Solid tools for main spindle 4xER16
Side milling tooling rotate speed 6000 rpm



Main spindle motor 3.7 KW
Motor X1 axis servo motor 400 W
Y1,Z1,X2 axis servo motor 750 W
Side milling tooling power motor 750 W
Cooling pump motor 400 W
Lubrication pump motor 14 KW
Others Delivery setting Belt driver delivery
Power capacity 10.6 KVA
Dimensions(length X width X height ) 1660mmX1050mmX1740mm
Net weight 2000KG

Features of high speed swiss type cnc lathe machine ZX204:


1.Double spindle can rotate at the same time,the sub spindle will work when the speed is same to main spindel.

2.Sub spindle have boring, tapping function, both spindle can work at the same time.

3.LNC controller can control two individual system.